Solar Estates

New Single "Tonight" Out Now

Photo by Sesar Sanchez


Hey, my name is Aric and I'm from Chico, California. Solar Estates is the bedroom electronic music project that I started after my last band broke up in 2014. Initially, I released a couple EPs and played some shows around town with my wife Ashley, but I realized that I needed a full band to achieve the sound I was hearing in my head. Solar Estates has since sprouted into a full shoegaze, slowcore, indie electronic group after the addition of my best buds (and total hunks): Loren Cobby Weber (guitar), Stephen Galloway (guitar and bass) and Landon Moblad (drums). We've been playing together live for about 2 years now and have almost finished up the third Solar Estates EP. In the meantime, we have just released our first single, "Tonight," and it is available on all the streaming platforms.

If you enjoy music from Slowdive, Red House Painters, The Microphones, Cigarettes After Sex, Bon Iver and even Frank Ocean, then we hope you'll be into our music too (since we also enjoy those things). We make electronic shoegaze and slowcore music, but we try to infuse pop and indie rock into our songs in order to add a driving, dynamic pulse. 

Solar Estates is:

Aric Jeffries, the vocalist and a keyboard player. He writes, produces and records the music for the project.

Landon Moblad plays drums.

Stephen Galloway plays Bass.

Loren Cobby Weber plays guitar, synth, and sings.

Ashley Penning does all artwork and visuals for Solar Estates

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Artwork by Ashley Penning. 

To contact Solar Estates, please send an email to: