Solar Estates is a genre-bending indie band born out of the bustling and self-determining music scene in Chico, California. Exploring combinations of shoegazing alt-country and atmospheric guitar pop, the band’s aesthetic interests are broad, yet the songs remain grounded in good writing and the prominent, frenetic style of vocalist and producer Aric Jeffries. In 2018, Solar Estates released a four song EP called End Poptimism - an emotionally charged indie rock record that takes cues from late 90’s and early 00’s lo-fi and slowcore. Listen if you’re a fan of Hovvdy, (Sandy) Alex G, Cigarettes After Sex, The Hotelier, Sun Kil Moon, The Microphones, Slowdive and Low.

Solar Estates:

Aric Jeffries does vocals, bass, guitar

Landon Moblad plays drums.

Stephen Galloway plays guitar, vocals

Loren Cobby Weber plays guitar, vocals

Jimmy Galloway plays keys, vocals

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Artwork by Ashley Penning. 

To contact Solar Estates, please send an email to: